Project 52 Rust and Iron

Still shooting with my sweetheart lens, 50mm prime lens. This lens is a bit older so I had to guess on the metering. I was able to play with in in its raw format. I love how each crack seems to be very pronounced. It did a bit of tilt shift, but I had to […]


Project 52 Ethereal Rose

I just love my 50.0 mm f/1.8 lens!! With a 8x close up filter and shot at aperture f/1.7, my flash did not fire and it was a bit under exposed. I used the raw file to fix the exposure. Then I applied a filter or two from Faded Films. I can`t recall but I believe […]


Project 52 Lancaster PA

I have lived in Lancaster most of my life. The view has changed a little but I don`t ever want to forget it. The Marriott is in the old Watt and Shand Building. Besides being a hotel, it is also a convention center. Near by is the Saturday Farmer`s Market as well as the shopping […]


Chromatic Aberration Dr. Who and His Companion Photo Shoot

If you love Dr. Who, I have a treat for you! Cindy and Jay love him too and I thought it would be fun to create a shoot around their love for Dr. Who and their love for each other. I also tried to create a look that seemed as if you were watching them […]


Senior Sessions

When I started taking pictures over 15 years ago, the subject matter consisted of two things- Historical buildings and my kids.  This senior is very special to me. I have known him all his life. As a matter, I met him at birth. He is my kid. And he is graduating in 2014. After homeschooling […]


Frozen Rose

If you live in the east coast, you are probably snowed in. If you are a photographer, you might have a wicked case of cabin fever. I walked out of my house and into our backyard and took a few pictures of my frozen roses. After that, I used some nifty Photoshop actions from Sparkle […]


Our First Editorial Feature

I say “ours” as in the Queen`s English. But I am super happy to have my first editorial published in a magazine I love! Belle Inspiration is a Parisian magazine dedicated to all things beautiful and French. This is one magazine after my own heart!! Feminine and very chic. This is definitely my kind of […]


French Angels Table Cards

50mm fixed lenses are magical! They highlight what you want, blur out the rest. Though my vision fails me sometimes, I got one that is a little older than what is compatible with my Nikon`s auto-focus mechanism. In any case, I am very please with the results, creating a very romantic look.


Cooking Festive

  This was super yummy and easy to make! I shot this for my other bog, Element of Chic. I shared one of my grandmother`s recipe for Caribbean Eggnog called “Coquito” The process is very easy and it involves a bit “spirits”. Visit my other blog for the recipe here.


The Rocker Sessions

This session was both fun and different from what I am used to. Taking a break from stylish and girly, these photos were meant to be darker, a bit goth and a little bit rock and roll. Figuring out which ones would be black and white or giving them a little grain was a challenge.

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